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Last updated: 7/29/16


Free festival celebrating Puerto Rican heritage and culture

The annual Festival is our flagship event that brings together people from all heritages to share, learn, and celebrate our culture. Our three day event is held at the City Hall Plaza honoring our history, values, traditional music, typical Puerto Rican food, and local arts and crafts for the entire family. The Festival includes kiosks that will feature different activities, including a health fair, face painting for kids, storytelling of Puerto Rican traditional stories and legends, presentations of eco-friendly gardening and cooking techniques, and teaching of Puerto Rican musical percussion.

Our proven ability to attract 185,000+participants in the course of the three day celebration, coupled with this year’s outstanding program of events, musical bands, artists and sponsors, makes the Festival the perfect venue to market and outreach to the fastest growing ethnic population in New England and in the United States.

Also, for the very first time this year the Puerto Rican Festival of Massachusetts will be attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Salsa Dance in the Word”. Please stay tuned for more particulars of the event in the coming months!

We are very proud that this year’s Festival will prove to be even more successful than previous years.