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Last updated: 8/28/17

Sumner Tunnel Toll Plaza project update meeting

MassDOT will give an update on the Sumner Tunnel Entrance Reconstruction and Toll Plaza Demolition Project.

At the meeting, you'll learn about the proposed design of the tunnel entrance. You'll also get information about the toll booth elimination that will begin at a later date. MassDOT will discuss the design and construction process. They will also talk about the project's construction impact on other areas, such as traffic such as traffic.

If you can't make the meeting, MassDOT will provide a copy of the presentation online. You can submit public comments and questions by email to

Accessibility help

The location is accessible to people with disabilities. MassDOT provides reasonable accommodations and language help free of charge upon request. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • interpreters in American Sign Language and languages other than English
  • open or closed captioning for videos, and
  • assistive listening devices and alternate material formats, such as audio tapes, Braille and large print, as available.

For accommodation or language help, please contact Katy Zazzera by phone 857-368-8986 or by email at

Please make your requests as soon as possible before the meeting. For more difficult to arrange services — including sign language, CART, or language translation or interpretation — please make 
your request at least 10 business days before the meeting.