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Last updated: 1/2/18

Love Your Block

Love Your Block offers mini-grants and neighborhood cleanups for beautification projects. 

In 2015, the City of Boston kicked off the Love Your Block mini-grant program thanks to Cities of Service. Love Your Block is now a permanent Boston program that includes:

  • mini-grants
  • neighborhood cleanups (formerly Boston Shines), and
  • (eventually) community tool sheds.

As always, the Office of Civic Engagement continues to urge Bostonians to revitalize their neighborhoods, one block at a time.

Questions? Contact us:

Kaira Fox, Senior Advisor

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Watch: Civic Engagement Ceremony
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Engaging Boston: A Service Plan

Service Plan

In 2015, Cities of Service awarded Boston a three-year grant from. The grant kicked off the Love Your Block mini-grant program. This service initiative continues to help the community today.

With the release of this service plan, Love Your Block will now be a permanent Boston program. Cleanups (formerly Boston Shines) and community tool sheds will take place all year. The plan also provides for a new volunteer web portal and rewards system. The goal is to make it easier to get and stay involved in your community.

As always, the Office of Civic Engagement continues to urge Bostonians to revitalize their neighborhoods, one block at a time.

Love Your Block allows Bostonians to partner with their City to beautify their neighborhoods in three ways.

  1. Mini-grants:
    Funding for residents looking to improve their neighborhoods
  2. Year-round Cleanups:
    Ongoing chances to volunteer with your fellow neighbors
  3. Community Tool Sheds:
    Tools located throughout the City to help you reach your goal

Serve Boston makes it easier for residents to get involved in their communities.

  1. Patriots for Volunteering Portal:
    Online website connecting volunteer opportunities to interested individuals and groups.
  2. Civic Engagement Ceremony:
    Awards designed to highlight the benefits of volunteering while keeping everyone involved.

Civic Engagement Week


The annual Civic Engagement Week consists of special programming highlighting the City of Boston's Civic Engagement initiatives. During this week, the Mayor engages residents in the public process as we share opportunities to stay informed and get involved. The 2017 Civic Engagement Week ran from April 24 - 29, hosted by Love Your Block as part of the Civic Engagement Cabinet.  

Interested in sponsoring or hosting an event for the 2018 Civic Engagement Week? Please contact the Love Your Block team at