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Age-friendly Benches

Our program aims to improve public spaces and address the lack of benches in Boston.

This program is an age-friendly initiative from the Age Strong Commission. We're focused on improving the City for people of all ages and abilities. Public Works will oversee the maintenance and installation of the benches.

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Bench location map

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About the program

What makes a bench Age-friendly?
  • Benches should have raised armrests on the end and center of the bench.
  • Benches have raised seats and backs for easy support.
  • Benches need to be temperature-resistant. People should be able to enjoy them regardless of temperature!
Bench location requirements
  • Benches must meet all spacing and ADA requirements.
  • We're prioritizing certain locations, including libraries, senior and community centers, and Main Street Districts that are walkable and close to public transit.
Program sponsors

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