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Boston Art Commission

First created in 1890, the commission advocates for public art in Boston’s civic spaces.

We have information about publicly accessible art in Boston, the public art process, calls to artists, and more. You can also learn more about what we do at the Boston Art Commission.

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Map of public art locations

View a map of public art locations in the City of Boston.
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Commission information

Arts Commissioner
5 years
Total Seats:

Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Mark Pasnik 8/14/2018 4/1/2023 Active
Ekua Holmes 11/6/2019 4/1/2023 Active
David Carlson Active
Kara Elliott-Ortega Active
Lisa Tung 3/1/2014 3/1/2019 Holdover
George Fifield 8/27/2014 8/1/2019 Holdover
Robert Freeman 11/6/2019 6/1/2024 Active
Camilo Alvarez 11/6/2019 6/1/2024 Active