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Boston's adopted statues

Last updated: 6/9/16

Boston's adopted statues

Learn about the adopted monuments throughout the City.

The Boston Art Commission started a conservation campaign in 1987. The campaign takes care of monuments in Boston. These monuments are a part of the City's cultural heritage. The campaign has raised funds to forever take care of these historic works of public art. 

Thank you to our supporters!

We would like to thank our supporters and people who help us preserve public. View a list of donors and supporters

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Leif Eriksson statue

A look at the statue before, at left, and after a treatment in 2007.

Anne Whitney created the Leif Eriksson statue on the Commonwealth Mall in 1887. The bronze statue honors the Norse explorer, who many believe to be the first European to set foot on North America.

The Norsemen Memorial Committee adopted the statue 100 years later. Their donation set up an endowment that allows us to continue to take care of the statue. In 2007, we treated the statue for corrosion and coated with a protective acrylic.

Creature pond

The Creature Pond was donated to the Office Square Park in 1982. The statue is bronze on a granite base. The donors included Lowry Burgess, Donald Burgy, John Cataldo, Carlos Dorrien, Robert Guillemin, David Phillips, Sydney Roberts Rockefeller, William H. Wainwright, and Clara Wainwright.