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City Hall Galleries

The galleries at Boston City Hall promote and exhibit the work of Boston area artists.

You can find information about the galleries, as well as what's currently showing, on this page.

Current and upcoming exhibits

  • Location: The Emerging Gallery, 8th Floor Boston City Hall
  • Dates: January 4 - February 28, 2022

Al McClain photo

Artist Statement

Portraits by Al McClain! I was a basketball star growing up in Boston, and was awarded a full basketball scholarship to attend  University of New Hampshire, where I majored in Art. Inducted to UNH Basketball Hall of Fame in 1984, I was drafted by the NBA Houston Rockets. I haven’t drawn or painting since the '80s, and when COVID-19 arrived and we were mandated to work virtually, I decided to do things that I love.  These paintings that you see are a reflection of my life, and all of them I have a personal relationship with. Walt Frazier was my childhood idol, but now my mentor and friend. Kyrie Irving father and I are great friends through college and present. Lebron James is someone that I totally admire. Michael Jordan was drafted 1984 the same year I was, and I had the same impact in Boston with the youth that he had on the court. These paintings are my feelings, and therapy of my life.

  • Location: Mayor's Gallery, 5th Floor Boston City Hall
  • Dates: January 4 - February 28, 2022

Lou Jones photo

There has been such rapid growth for Boston in the last few decades. Today we are viewing the skyline full of construction cranes & the demographic is rapidly changing. Not only do we see tremendous building but a lot of the venerable city has disappeared in its wake. Iconic structures go up & come down. Almost without design, Lou Jones has been documenting much of the erecting & razing. Both can be beautiful. 

What started years ago with a cursory eye to discovering Lou's city and performing assignments for clients involved in development has become a deeper, more intimate look behind "construction site fences". With unprecedented access, Lou has recorded the labor force: iron workers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers & union laborers who work in unison to fabricate our new metropolis. Their contribution should never be overlooked. At the same time his photography has documented much of our past history that has vanished from sight but remains in our memories.

Lou Jones is a freelance photographer who has maintained a studio in Boston for many years. The engine that drives much of his work is advertising, industrial and corporate work. However a large portion of his photography is editorial for magazines and publications. Assignments take him all over the world and to date he has been in 60 foreign countries and 48 of the 50 USA states. In addition he has photographed thirteen summer and winter Olympic Games.

  • Location: The Scollay Square Gallery, 3rd Floor Boston City Hall
  • Dates: January 4 - February 18, 2022, reception on January 7 from 4:30-5:30 p.m.

The Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture is presenting an annual exhibition by the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts (HAAM). Founded in 1995, HAAM is comprised of more than 40 artists and their friends, art lovers, and volunteers. Their mission is to promote Haitian art and culture through art displays, publications, fellowships, cultural events, and celebrations.

HAAM 2019 reception

The artists participating in this year's exhibition are:

  • Mimi Désir
  • Youveline Joseph
  • Joane Buteau
  • Elliana Chery
  • Michele David
  • Mardy Florence
  • Myriam Pitt
  • Andrelite Fleurimond, and
  • Edna Chery.
  • Location: 5th Floor Balcony, Boston City Hall
  • Dates: November 16 - January 17, 2021

Quilt photo

The Proper Bostonian Quilters Guild is a diverse and vibrant group dedicated to the art and appreciation of all things “quilt”. Their membership numbers over 100 from all Boston communities, surrounding towns and beyond. They host a major quilt show every other year and mini-focused quilt shows in the fall or winter of alternate years. They are committed to community outreach and actively seek out ways to provide comfort (quilts and pillowcases) to people in need. With Saturday day camp each month and overnight quilt camps in Maine and New Hampshire, bus trips, outside speakers, pot luck dinners, and lots of community outreach, there are always ways to discover inner talents and inspiration.

  • Location: Galleries throughout City Hall
  • Dates: November 1 - December 24, 2021; Reception on November 5 from 6 - 8 p.m.

This is an annual exhibition held in City Hall. Artists invited to participate in this exhibition include City of Boston employees and their immediate family members. The National Arts Program provides materials and funding for this visual art exhibit, including awards totaling $3,450.

National Arts Program photo

  • Location: The Emerging Gallery, 8th Floor Boston City Hall
  • Dates: October 18 - December 30, 2021

Artwork by Liliana Marquez

Artist Statement

My artwork focuses on a solution to minimize the surplus sample materials from mass construction. In order to keep these wonderful architectural sample materials alive, and out of landfills, I transform them into sculptural pieces. Little by little we can make a better planet.

When you realize you cannot go against the wave, you have to go with her flow to create a better planet. We live in an era of mass production and constant new construction, causing our planet to be littered with unused sample materials. We live in a Planet sample where I Re Pop the architectural samples to create my art. The mixture of sculptural work featured incorporates reclaimed and surplus material fused with a contemporary spin on the pop art movement from the 1950s, when mass production was in its apogee and reflected a society that started to mass consume, guided by publicity.

Lilimarq’s dream as an eco artist is to create a movement where artists all use these amazing surplus architectural sample materials from around the world, and in-turn minimize the waste of the mass production. Lilimarq achieves great satisfaction in transforming trash into treasure, creating different works of art to showcase the infinite possibilities we can build as a society. 

About the Artist

Lilimarq is a Jamaica Plain-based eco-artist and designer. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where reclamation is necessary, Marquez’s family encouraged her to express herself through art in a fun, creative, and multicultural environment; full of music, dance, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and painting. This background inspires her to make art with an imperative message about the transformational side of everyday objects.

  • Location: The Mayor's Display Case, 5th Floor Boston City Hall
  • Dates: October 19 - December 31, 2021

Peter DeCamp Haines artwork

Artist Statement

Abstraction is a way to convey
the relationship between man
and ancient universal sources.

I work in a tradition of modernism.

For me, the process of sculpting is not the execution of a design. Rather, it is a search for shape and images that appeal to my taste. From the miasma of a lump of wax, objects emerge like images seen in an inkblot or in the night sky. I refine and essentialize the objects with an eye to true form, negative space, and composition.

As in dreams, elements of the world seep in. For instance, I associate the spikes in “Covid Summer” (2021) with the virus, although I had no intention of addressing the disease.

Looking at the selection of work, which spans 35 years, I scarcely remember how the sculptures came to be. They are visitors from other realms.

The Mayor's Poetry Program is an annual program in which Boston residents are invited to submit poems to be displayed throughout City Hall and in an online gallery for one year. Our Poet Laureate Porsha Olayiwola selected 18 poems in 2021.

Read the 2021 Poems

Artist Sophia Ainslie brightened up the eighth floor of City Hall with a new mural this past summer. As an extension of her project, she documented the reactions of City employees who walked by, and took photos of them with the mural.

Photo from Sophia Ainslie's mural exhibit

Gallery locations

Mayor's Art Gallery

The Mayor's Gallery exhibits work by Boston area artists who have received recognition for their artwork through grants, awards and other types of public display.

Directions: It's located on the 5th floor of City Hall. From City Hall Plaza or Congress St. entrances, take South Elevators to the 5th floor, follow signs to Mayor's Office: signage marks the gallery entrance. If you are planning to attend an opening you must enter from Congress Street.

Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery

Directions: Located on the 2nd floor near the South Elevators. From City Hall Plaza or Congress St. entrances, take South Elevators to the 2nd floor.

Scollay Square Gallery

The Scollay Square Gallery showcases the many arts organizations and artists community groups that support local artists throughout the City.

Directions: It's located on the 3rd floor/main lobby of City Hall. When entering from Congress St, take elevators to 3rd floor, proceed through lobby, passing the information desk on your right. The gallery is ahead of you. When entering from City Hall Plaza, proceed through lobby, passing the information desk on your right. The gallery is ahead of you. Signage marks the gallery entrance. If you are planning to attend an opening you must enter from Congress Street.

The Emerging Gallery

This is the newest of City Hall's galleries. It showcases Boston's up and coming artists.

Directions: It is located on the 8th floor of City Hall. When entering from Congress Street or Cambridge Street, take the elevators to the 8th floor. The gallery is in the hallway to the left of Room 801, which is perpendicular to the elevators. 

Watch: Jamaal Eversley's Artist Talk in the Mayor's Gallery
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