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Fort Point Arts Neighborhood

A Fort Point Arts Neighborhood District is currently proposed. We are in conversation with Fort Point organizations and artists about establishing this district.

Generations of artists have established Fort Point as a thriving cultural district. They created a permanent home for artist-controlled buildings and cultural groups. Through their efforts, they laid the foundation of a neighborhood for both current artists and generations to come. The map below shows the proposed boundary for the District.

About the neighborhood


Fort Point provides artists at all stages of their career a place to work and live in Boston. It aspires to:

  • support artists by providing affordable work-live studios and jobs
  • help and support cultural organizations, and
  • encourage the flow of ideas and skills between disciplines and generations.

Fort Point fosters collaborations across disciplines that otherwise might not have occurred. By living and working in one neighborhood, artists can bring unique opportunities to the City.

The area seeks to include, welcome, and help displaced organizations and artists build roots in Fort Point.

A Waterfront Arts Coalition

Fort Point is a member of a broader cultural ecosystem both in the City and the region. It works with stakeholders and partners in the South Boston waterfront and around Boston.

We plan to develop and support arts opportunities in Fort Point. Through out efforts, we have the potential to address our cultural equity gap and deepen the arts in Boston.

Fort Point supports the creation of:

  • affordable artist work-live housing
  • performing and practice facilities and venues
  • artist workspace
  • cultural tools and resources that can be used at low cost by groups in Fort Point and throughout the City, and
  • mentorship programs and cultural workforce training.

Fort Point was a place for industry, starting with mercantile, then wool, and now the arts.

The neighborhood has served as a creative center, fostering a collaborative process and a sharing of ideas. What first started as a collection of vacant brick and beam warehouses has transformed into the largest community of artists in New England. It is now a neighborhood of the arts.

Today, the size and quantity of these Fort Point studios and their close proximity to one another enable the creation of works and opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.

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