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Last updated: 4/24/19

City of Boston Poet Laureate

The City’s Poet Laureate raises the status of poetry in the everyday consciousness of Bostonians.

The Poet Laureate acts as an advocate for poetry, language, and the arts. They create a unique artistic legacy through public readings and civic events.

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Meet the poet laureate

Meet the poet laureate

About the program

The Poet Laureate is a ceremonial appointment. The chosen poet will be a significant fixture in Boston's cultural and artistic arena. The Poet Laureate may learn, teach, and embody the great literary traditions of Boston.

Want the Poet Laureate to attend an event?

Please contact Thomas Johnston at 617-635-3911 or Remember to describe the nature of the event, plus its time, location, and duration. You should also tell us the role requested. For example, is this an appearance, a reading, a workshop, or something else.