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Engine 42 Fire Station public art project

This project is in the design phase.

This public art project will complement the new Engine 42 fire station.

Project details


The City of Boston and the Boston Fire Department are demolishing and constructing a new fire station at 1870 Columbus Avenue, near Egleston Square. The $19.6 million new Engine 42 fire station will include:

  • three apparatus bays
  • housing for two companies and a district chief
  • a training room, training deck, and training stair
  • an open and transparent fitness room, day room, and kitchen
  • an elevator and three fire poles, and
  • a workshop and technical and operations areas.

Three potential sites were identified as initial suggestions for the location of the artwork. They include: 

  • the facade of the building
  • landscaping surrounding the building, and
  • the fence surrounding the building.

The artist will work with the City to pick the final site.


This project has a budget of $300,000 for a site-specific, impactful, focal design feature. The art should enrich the connection between the Boston Fire Department and the surrounding Egleston and Roxbury communities.

Engine 42 will be the first new Boston fire station in 30 years.

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