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Waterfront Civic / Cultural Space Planning Study

We’re working to improve the delivery conditions and tenanting processes for Civic/Cultural Space made available through Chapter 91 Facilities of Public Accommodations.

The Waterfront Civic/Cultural Space Planning Study is intended to assess the existing and pending civic/cultural uses and future opportunities across waterfront areas in Boston to inform more equitable planning, design and tenanting approaches for spaces provided through Chapter 91 regulations.

In addition, this planning study is anticipated to update the City’s evidence base on civic/cultural uses, space needs, FPA outcomes, and design and operational processes. At its core, this planning study will inform ongoing development projects with relevant civic/cultural, FPA, and affordable retail space commitments, particularly in neighborhoods such as Dorchester, Fort Point, Charlestown, and East Boston.

Background Information

The Waterfront Civic/Cultural Space Planning Study is a Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture (MOAC) Cultural Planning project led in collaboration with the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA). MOAC frequently collaborates with the BPDA to identify civic and cultural users for specific projects along Boston’s historic waterfront. Space is made available through MGL Chapter 91: The Massachusetts Public Waterfront Act as a part of Interior Facilities of Public Accommodations (FPA) in private buildings. 

The City of Boston seeks to effectively and efficiently match prospective tenants with civic/cultural space made available by Chapter 91 entitlements. The primary objectives of this project are:

  1.  Inventory the existing, pending, and future civic/cultural spaces that are available through Chapter 91 and need or will need to be tenanted,
  2.  Gain a deeper understanding of the types of civic/cultural users in the City of Boston that would benefit from Chapter 91 FPA space, and
  3.  Simplify and make more equitable the delivery and tenanting processes of Chapter 91 FPA spaces so that the City of Boston may more efficiently match prospective tenants with available spaces

Draft Recommendations

A comment period associated with this project is currently open and will conclude on April 30, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. All comments should be emailed to Jared Staley ( with the subject line “Comments on Waterfront Planning Recommendations”.


This body of work aims to build upon other planning conducted by the City of Boston. 

Past Public Meetings

Past Public Meetings

This meeting provided an update on the status of the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture’s Waterfront Space Planning Study as well as reported out the initial findings from the Related Beal RFI for 244-248 A Street. The public heard briefly about the progress the consultant team has made on the Waterfront Study, an updated timeline, and ongoing opportunities for feedback. Participants also learned more about the feedback received by the Related Beal team and how it will be incorporated into the

MOAC process.

The purpose of this meeting was to inform the public of the launch of the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture Waterfront Civic/Cultural Space Planning Study and the incorporation of the Related Beal civic/cultural space request for information into the larger space planning study.

The purpose of this meeting was to inform the public of the recommendations from the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture’s Waterfront Space Planning Study which will be provided by the consulting team Isenberg Projects and Agency Landscape + Planning.

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