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Bike maps and routes

Last updated: 7/3/16

Bike maps and routes

Getting around by bike can be fun and efficient. Learn how to choose the best routes for you.

Finding your most comfortable routes can take a few tries, so don’t give up! Talk with your neighbors, co-workers, or local bike groups to get ideas.

We recommend using apps like Google Maps, Moovel, or Ride the City to get an idea of some route options. If you’re coming into Boston from outlying communities, we’ve developed good routes based on our National Bike to Work Day Festival commuting convoys.

If you’re going to try commuting by bicycle on a new route, first test out the route on a less busy day (e.g. Saturday morning). You won't be stressed for time or traffic, and you'll have a chance to see how long it takes and how the intersections work.

If you identify as a woman, and are new to riding, check out our Women’s Learn to Ride classes.

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