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Plan a route

We've provided information to help you figure out ways to bike to where you want to go, including information about how to take your bike on the T.

Choose your route

Boston has an interesting network of streets. Sometimes there are many ways to get from point A to point B, other times there’s only one. Here are a few tips to help you plan your routes.

boston by bike

Look for alternatives to busy streets

The most enjoyable biking route may differ from the most efficient driving route. Look for routes on streets that have dedicated bike facilities and/or low volumes of traffic.

Plan ahead

Websites like Google Maps and Ride the City are useful for exploring route options. These tools also allow you to save your routes so that you can reference them later.

Find directions on the go

Mobile apps like Google Maps can help you navigate during your trip. Be sure to pull over whenever you need to check for directions.

Practice, don’t hurry

Do a trial run or two for any time-sensitive trips that you’ll take on a regular basis (e.g., to work or school). You'll know how long the trip takes and work out any issues.

As you repeat the trip, you’ll get more comfortable and it may take you less time.

Take your bike on the t

The MBTA has taken many steps to make it easier for you to use transit in conjunction with your bicycle. The information below has been summarized from the MBTA's website.

Note: This information does not apply to folding bikes. When folded, folding bikes may be carried on any MBTA vehicle at any time.

Park your bike at an MBTA station

Most MBTA stations offer free bike parking. Some stations also provide “Pedal & Park” facilities, which provide secure and covered bike parking. To access a Pedal & Park facility, register your CharlieCard. It's free!

Bring your bike on the subway

You can bring your bike inside most MBTA subway stations and trains. Bikes are not allowed in the Park Street, Downtown Crossing, and Government Center stations.

Train Bikes allowed on weekdays? Bikes allowed on Weekends?
Blue Line

Inbound: Yes, except 7-9 am

Outbound: Yes, except 4-6 pm

Green Line No


Mattapan Trolley No No
Orange Line Yes, except 7-10 am and 4-7 pm Yes
Red Line Yes, except 7-10 am and 4-7 pm Yes

Bring your bike on the bus

Most buses have racks that can hold two bikes. To use a bus bike rack, alert the driver that you would like to load your bike, lower the rack, load your bike, and secure it with the support arm. When your trip is over, let the driver know that you need to remove your bike.

Bring your bike on the commuter rail

Bikes are allowed on commuter rail trains except those running during peak periods and in peak directions. Look for bike symbols on paper or PDF schedules.

Bring your bike on the ferry

Bikes may be taken on any ferry.


View a map of bicycle facilities in the City of Boston.

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