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Last updated: 1/30/18


A Hubway user smiles while walking with a Hubway Bike

Hubway makes bikes available when you need them. There are over 1,600 bikes at over 160 stations throughout Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville.

Hubway, Boston's public bike share system, is the newest way to get around Boston. Grab a bike near your home, office, hotel, or school and pedal your way to eat lunch, go shopping, take classes, or visit friends and family.

Still have questions? Contact:
Boston Bikes
1 City Hall Square, Room 721
Boston, MA 02201
United States

We're expanding!

Our public bike share system is getting bigger and even better. We will add more than 70 new stations in Boston, starting in 2018. We're bringing service to new neighborhoods and adding capacity in our existing service area. 

Learn more about our expansion

Ride Hubway for $99 a year

Annual memberships are the best deal for anyone who will ride on a regular basis.

Income-eligible residents can get a discounted $50 annual or $5 monthly membership.

Monthly memberships and 72-hour or 24-hour passes are also available.

Join Hubway

Memberships are great for anyone who will be using Hubway for an extended period of time. Passes are great if you only plan on using Hubway for a few days.

Regardless of how you join, every trip under 30 minutes is free. Usage fees apply for any trip over 30 minutes.


Passes can be purchased at any station. To take out a bike, use your ride code, or buy a bike key for $3 at a station with a key dispenser


Memberships can be purchased online. You will get a key in the mail that you can use to take out bikes. While you wait for your key, you can use your credit card at the kiosks to get a ride code. You will not be charged again.

Low-income residents of Boston may be eligible for a $50 annual or $5 monthly membership.

Take short trips around metro-Boston

Hubway is great for transportation and leisure. Thirty-minute trips are always free. Ride a little longer, and pay a little extra. Use the system map to plan out your trips.

Need ideas for where to ride? Find interesting destinations to explore in metro-Boston.