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BCYF Jackson / Mann

BCYF Jackson / Mann features include a computer lab, gymnasium, and theater. You can learn more about our programs below.

BCYF’s network of community centers offer a wide range of diverse features and programs that are as unique as the neighborhoods they serve.

BCYF Allston-Brighton Community Center Study

Boston Centers for Youth & Families, Neighborhood Services, and the Public Facilities Department are exploring options for a new community center in Allston-Brighton. The presentations from the community meetings held during the first phase of this study are to the right. View the final report from the first phase of the study below.


BCYF Allston-Brighton Programming and Siting Study

Community meeting #1
Community meeting #2
Community meeting #3
Community meeting #4

BCYF Jackson/Mann Programs

Explore BCYF community centers
We have a variety of affordable programs for all ages at our 36 facilities.
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