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Delivering Exceptional City Services

Boston should be the standard for delivering exceptional constituent services—on the streets of our neighborhoods, virtually, and at City Hall.

The FY24 Budget invests millions to upgrade constituent engagement systems, improve service quality, and ensure City assets are functional, accessible, and well-maintained.

Responsive and Attentive Services

We strive to make every interaction with residents a positive and productive one. The FY24 budget makes key investments to enhance our ability to communicate with and serve the public, including:

  • $6 million to upgrade Boston 311 and to provide a higher level of service to every resident who contacts the City
  • Increased language access support for the Commission for Persons with Disabilities and the Office of Emergency Management
  • Simplification of the event permitting process so residents can more easily stay connected through events in their neighborhoods 


The FY24 budget also seeks to elevate services by expanding staffing across core constituent service departments, with new positions to include:

  • Enhanced capacity in the Registry Division
  • Wire Inspectors in the Inspectional Services Department (ISD)
  • New administrative support for the Rental Registration and Inspection Program, also in ISD
  • IT specialists at the Boston Centers for Youth & Families

Public Buildings and Public Spaces

The FY24-28 Capital Plan makes robust investments in City infrastructure, prioritizing safety and accessibility. These investments include:

  • $147 million to keep our bridges, stairs, and walking paths in a state of good repair
  • $64 million to improve the quality of our sidewalks and continue the installation of ADA curb ramps on every intersection in the City
  • $94 million in capital funding for central facilities, including City Hall & the Plaza

Once renovated, City buildings require upkeep to stay in working order. To this end, the FY24 Operating Budget invests $1.5 million to increase maintenance capacity in the Property Management Department. That additional capacity will enable more preventative maintenance, extending the life of structures and equipment and averting costly repairs or replacements caused by critical failures. The FY24 budget aligns well with long-term strategy; a capital funded facilities assessment will give the City a stronger sense of what work to prioritize when and an asset management program, enhanced with new technology, promises to help the City carry out maintenance schedules informed by the assessment.

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