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FY20 Health and Human Services Priorities

Health and Human Services departments are on the frontline of providing important direct services to our community.

In FY20, the Health and Human Services Cabinet continues to build upon its existing services to meet the wide needs of the community. This year's budget includes significant investments in Boston Centers for Youth and Families' (BCYF) outreach and intervention program, in Public Health Commission's Recovery Services program, and senior programming at the Age Strong Commission.

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Improving and Expanding Recovery Services

The Mayor’s Office of Recovery Services is increasing efficiency by consolidating and uplifting recovery related programs within the Public Health Commission (PHC).

  • This year, PHC expanded their street outreach and engagement efforts with four new positions in the Boston SUSTAINS (Substance Use Street Team for Access, Intervention, and Next Steps) program.
  • In FY20, the Office will elevate and grow the Office of Recovery Services by 35% over its FY19 appropriation so that they can more effectively provide support to those in need of their services.
  • The mobile sharps team will enhance services with the addition of a vendor to maintain disposal kiosks. This will allow staff to increase time devoted to responding to community requests.

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Boston Public Health Commission

The Public Health Commission continues to advance research based solutions to important issues. The Public Health Commission will undertake a comprehensive prevention approach to address rising rates of HIV, HCV, and STI. The program will include testing, surveillance, and community engagement.

The Commission will also start a new savings account program for homeless individuals. Clients who are working with case managers on savings goals and housing plans will receive matching funds up to $500. This initiative will provide some initial support in moving more people into housing.

Strengthening programs

OUTREACH Investments

BCYF's outreach and intervention program is being re-envisioned as Street Outreach, Advocacy, and Response (SOAR). SOAR will continue the department's anti-violence work across the city. Renewed emphasis will be placed on connecting individuals to available resources and ensuring an impactful program.

Senior Programming

The Age Strong Commission will build a coordinated network of existing sites that provide senior programming. This effort will strengthen and enhance programs run by the City, while supporting non-profits in their work.