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Ed Flynn

District 2

Councilor Ed Flynn is a lifelong resident of District 2, where he has been deeply involved as a community activist, veterans’ advocate, and youth sports coach. Before taking his seat as District 2 City Councilor, he was a Probation Officer at Suffolk Superior Court.

In addition to being a Boston Public Schools parent at the Josiah Quincy School in Chinatown, Councilor Flynn is a member of several neighborhood organizations throughout the district.  

He served for 25 years in the U.S. Navy, both on active duty and in the reserves. He served two deployments in the Persian Gulf, is a Veteran of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, and helped coordinate disaster relief in Haiti. Flynn is currently retired from the U.S. Navy. He also served for five years in the United States Department of Labor under President Bill Clinton, where he worked to improve labor conditions, expand access to affordable health care, and increase the federal minimum wage.

Councilor Flynn and his wife Kristen are raising their children, Caroline and Stephen, in South Boston.

Wards and precincts

City Hall/ Beacon Hill/ Islands:
  • Ward 3, Precinct 6
  • Ward 3, Precincts 7-8
South Boston:
  • Ward 6, Precincts 1-9
  • Ward 7, Precincts 1-6
South End:
  • Ward 4, Precincts 1-3
  • Ward 5, Precinct 1
  • Ward 8, Precinct 1
  • Ward 9, Precinct 1