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Community Preservation Act

We review spending from the Community Preservation Fund. We also choose members for the Community Preservation Committee.

Boston voters approved the act in November 2016. Starting in 2018, about $20 million will be available every year for:

  • affordable housing
  • parks and open space improvements, and
  • historic restoration.
  • Still have questions? Contact:
    City Council

    You reach us by email at


    The City Council is made up of 15 standing committees. We also create special committees to address certain needs in Boston.

Community Preservation Committee

The Mayor and the City Council appoint a nine-member, decision-making committee. By law, the council chooses four at-large members from the public, including:

  • one business person
  • an expert in one of three areas (historic preservation, open space, or affordable housing), and
  • two who have a background of civic involvement.

All members must be Boston residents for their three-year term.

The process behind creating the committee will be open and transparent. We want to make sure the committee keeps the public involved in its decisions. We’ll also make sure its members reflect the diversity of our communities.

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