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Public safety and criminal justice

Public safety and criminal justice

We review Boston’s police and fire departments to make sure  you get the services you need.

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What we do

We evaluate and encourage the work done by residents to prevent crime. We also focus on homeland security and terrorism.

We work with county, state, and federal agencies and community groups on issues related to jails and prisons. We hope to lower the prison population and prevent those who get locked up from returning to a life of crime. The goal is to keep the public safe.

We also work on public safety issues that affect women and girls with the Committee on Healthy Women, Families, and Communities.

We oversee
Boston Fire Department Emergency Storm Center Suffolk County House of Correction
Boston Police Department Public Safety Commission State and federal anti-crime and criminal justice reform efforts
Emergency Management Safe Neighborhood Initiative County correctional matters
Emergency Medical Services Suffolk County Jail  
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Need to Know

The City Council is made up of 15 standing committees. We also create special committees to address certain needs in Boston.