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How to serve on a board or commission

Serving on a board or commission is one of the most impactful ways Bostonians can become active in their community.

Last updated: 6/19/17

Find a board or commission

Visit the boards and commissions website and browse the list. Look for a board or commission for which your expertise is most relevant. Ask yourself whether you are passionate about the policy area to which that body belongs.

Please keep in mind

Serving on a board or commission allows you to voice your concerns and influence decisions that shape your communities. But, you will need to commit time and effort to be a successful member.

Be ready!


Find out if you're eligible to serve

Read through the enabling legislation for the board or commission you're interested in. A link will show up in the description of a board or commission that says "enabling legislation." There may be more requirements to serve.

Most boards and commissions require you to live in the City of Boston.


Look for a vacancy

Under the description of a board or commission, it should list all of the members. Make sure to check to see if any of the members' terms has expired. If a term has expired — or will expire soon — it may be time to apply!

Please note:

We make an effort to keep all records current on the boards and commissions website. But, some information may be old. You can contact the board or commission if you have questions about a vacancy.


Apply online for the role

You'll need to upload a resume and a cover letter for your application. The online application allows you to check off the board or commission you're interested in.

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Need help with your resume?

The Diversity Office provides free resume proofreading. The City of Boston is committed to diversity in its boards and commissions.