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Learn more about the Boston EMS Recruit Academy

The Boston Emergency Medical Services Recruit Academy consists of classroom and field components, lasting a total of six months.


The thirteen-week classroom component provides an overview of department policies and procedures. We also focus on skills unique to a busy urban emergency medical service. Training Captains and Lead Field Training Officers oversee the day to day instruction of the academy. Often, we bring in physicians and subject matter experts as lecturers.


The field component is twelve-weeks in duration and consists of four cycles of 3 week immersion rounds. During the first immersion round, recruits ride third with a Field Training Officer and his or her partner. This gives the EMT-Recruit a chance to observe calls and understand how two EMTs work as a team.

After the first immersion round, recruits are paired up and assigned to a Field Training Officer. The officer monitors their performance, and evaluates their skills. Each ambulance has two recruits and one officer. Recruits will rotate who drives and who is the tech.


Throughout the academy process, we review recruits and evaluate their skills. At the end of the Academy,  a final decision is made whether or not a candidate is promoted to Boston EMS EMT.

All EMT-recruits who complete the academy take part in a formal graduation and promotional ceremony. Family and friends are invited to attend.

Newly promoted EMTs begin their assignment in a designated ambulance and shift. They will stay on probation as a Boston EMT for one full year after graduation.

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