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Climate Ready Boston Leaders Program

Last updated: 6/29/17

Climate Ready Boston Leaders Program

Our outreach pilot program aims to increase awareness and understanding of the climate impacts Boston is facing. We want to involve Bostonians in developing and advancing our action items. 

Join us in sharing key findings from the Climate Ready Boston report with your community group, organization, family, and friends. The Climate Ready Boston Leaders pilot program gives you the materials and support you need to facilitate discussions on climate preparedness. You also get a chance to provide input on the City’s next steps.

Still have questions? Contact:
1 City Hall Square
Room 709
Boston, MA 02201-2031
United States

So you want to become a Climate Ready Boston Leader? Here are thE STEPS:
CRB Leader How-To Guide

About the program

Climate Ready Boston Leaders Summer 2017 Training

We have trained almost 70 leaders in our summer 2017 pilot program. These leaders will be hosting events for their communities throughout the summer. While applications are currently closed for the pilot program, we do plan to host trainings again in the fall as we expand the program. To stay up to date on future trainings, sign up for the Greenovate email list.

Program materials

Program materials

If you attended the Climate Ready Leaders training, find more support materials below. Email for access to the shared Google Drive.


    What is the Climate Ready Boston Leaders Program?

    The CRB Leaders program is a pilot Greenovate Boston initiative to engage a broader diversity of Bostonians in Climate Ready Boston. Our goal is to provide residents that care about local climate change impacts and want to take action with the resources they need to hold unique ‘Climate Ready Boston’ events and conversations in their own communities. Leaders share feedback from these conversations with the City, and work with Greenovate to help shape implementation of Climate Ready Boston.

    What is my responsibility as a ‘Leader’?

    Leaders attend a two-hour training on the Climate Ready Boston findings and recommendations. Following the training, participants should submit event proposals to the Greenovate team about the conversation events they are interested in hosting to engage at least 30 of their community members (such as family, friends, co-workers, students, neighborhood association, youth group, etc.) with the CRB Leader resources in the next 3 months. If interested, some participants will also submit a budget proposal outlining what financial support they will need to do so. For the first pilot Leaders group, we can provide an average of $200 stipend per person for these events.

    Once you hold a CRB Leaders event, you’ll submit a feedback form on your experience as a meeting host, and the feedback forms from your meeting’s participants. Please share any photos with us from the event as well using #climatereadyBOS. We will hold a final program gathering later in the summer to celebrate the first cohort’s great work raising awareness of climate change impacts and action in Boston!

    What is the pilot program timeline?

    • June 5 and 6: Program trainings
    • June 16: Submit budget proposal
    • June 30: Budget proposals returned with stipend allocations
    • July 14: Earliest stipends sent
    • July- September:  Hold CRB Leader events/meetings and submit feedback forms
    • September 30: Final stipends provided
    • September: CRB Leader Celebration

    What kind of meeting should I host?

    We don’t want to be prescriptive. Our goal is provide you with the resources you need to hold conversations on Climate Ready Boston impacts and actions, and work with us reach further into the Boston community than we’re able to. A meeting can be a gathering of friends, a lunch-and-learn session at work, an add-on to an existing community meeting or event, or whatever else you have in mind. If you can’t reach at least 30 people in one meeting, you can break it up into smaller group conversations. Be creative in your proposals, we want to support your ideas!

    What can I use my stipend for?

    Stipends are meant to compensate your time to organize and lead an event, and/or can go towards event costs such as food, printing materials, or space rentals.

    What if I can’t answer a question raised during a meeting?

    We are not expecting you to be Climate Ready Boston experts, just passionate and interested community leaders. The goals of the conversations are to share the findings of the Climate Ready Boston report, potential actions the City is taking, facilitating a conversation on what this means for your community, and what action you’d like to support. From your feedback forms, we’ll be compiling FAQ to help you answer questions or direct participants to resources for next time.

    How can I keep engaging with the program once I hold my community meeting?

    This is a pilot run of the CRB Leaders program. Throughout the summer, we’ll be following up with you to hear about your experiences and get your suggestions for how we can continue building the program moving forward. We’ll also host office hours so we can discuss your ideas and concerns one-on-one. At the CRB Leaders Celebration in September, we’ll announce next steps.

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    Leader Spotlights

    Leader Spotlights
    "I am proud to work in a city that is proactively facing the effects of climate change."
    Climate Leader Spotlight, Sylvia Scharf
    "I am excited to be part of this movement to educate myself and share information with my community."
    Fabienne E. CRB Leader
    "Climate Change is important to the Boston Caribbean community. It is important that we talk about it."
    Leader Andrew Sharpe