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How to apply for a South Boston parking freeze permit

How to apply for a South Boston parking freeze permit

Whether you apply for a new or modified parking freeze permit, it’s the same process:


Who needs to apply

There are three zones covered by the parking freeze area:

  • the Piers zone
  • the Commercial and Industrial zone, and
  • the Residential zone.

You MUST apply for a permit through the Air Pollution Control Commission if you’re a landowner and:

  • you want to change the amount of non-residential spaces on a property in the Piers zone or Commercial and Industrial zone, or
  • you want to create residential off-street parking in the Piers zone or the Commercial and Industrial zone.

If the ratio of parking to living space is less than one space per dwelling, you'll get an exemption from getting the permit. If the ratio is more than that amount, you'll need to request a hearing.


Who doesn't need to apply

If you own land within the three Parking Freeze zones, you don't need to apply if:

  • you want to create new spaces and you already have existing off-street parking in the residential zone, or
  • you want to create new commercial parking spaces in the residential zone, and the spaces are for a business in that zone.

You can call the commission at 617-635-3850 if you're still unsure.


Fill out your application

Print out and complete the South Boston Parking Freeze Application. Below are some key questions you’ll come across:

Question 2
You must be the owner or owner's agent for the land. You'll need to give us written proof of ownership. We'll accept:

  • a copy of last year's bill from the Assessing Department
  • a statement from the owner, or
  • another written document proving ownership or authorization.

Question 4
We need the Parcel ID number assigned to the land by the Assessing Department. You can find this number on your most recent property tax return.

Questions 7 and 8
We ask about the activities that take place in buildings where people live or work on the land, and what the square footage is for each building.  

Question 9
We ask a question about how many patrons you expect. You don't need to give  us exact count, an estimate is fine.

Appendix A
This “Statement of Need” tells us about why you need the extra parking spots and how they will serve your patrons.

  • Please give us a general description of the facility and parking needs. Please include any written proof you might have, like letters.

Get your documents together

Before you submit your application, make sure you have the following:

  • Your completed application. If a section of the application doesn't apply, be sure to write “N/A.”
  • An electronic copy of the application. If you want to, you can submit your application through an e-mail.
  • Written proof of ownership or authorization and written proof that supports Appendix A of the application, as described in step 1.
  • A site plan for the proposed facility.
  • A check or money order made payable to the City of Boston, Air Pollution Control Commission. The fee is $10 per parking space.

Submit your application

You can email your application and supporting documents to Or you can bring or mail your application, documents, and payment to:

Air Pollution Control Commission, City of Boston Environment Department
1 City Hall Square, Room 709
Boston, MA 02201
United States
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

We'll get in touch

If you filed a new or modified application, you'll need to go to a public hearing with the Air Pollution Control. Once we get your application, we'll let you know the date of your hearing:

  • If you filed at least 60 days before the next hearing date, you will attend that one. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until the following public hearing.

Get ready for the hearing

You'll need to put together six paper copies of your application. Mail them to us at least two weeks before your hearing date:

Air Pollution Control Commission, City of Boston Environment Department
1 City Hall Square, Room 709
Boston, MA 02201
United States
Payment Info:
  • If you don’t follow the Parking Freeze regulations, or violate the terms of your permit, you may get a violation and fine.
  • We consider each day that you violate the permit or regulations a separate violation.
1 City Hall Square
Room 709
Boston, MA 02201-2031
United States