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Last updated: 10/31/19

Resilient Boston Harbor

Learn about our climate-ready vision to enhance Boston’s waterfront. We want to protect Boston's neighborhoods from sea level rise and flooding due to climate change.

Climate change is real for Bostonians. We’ve all seen hotter summers and flooding during winter storms, nor'easters, and King Tides. The City is paying attention to the science. We’re also preparing for the impacts of climate change.

The maps and images below lay out our comprehensive vision of coastal resilience. It’s an opportunity to invest in our neighborhoods, waterfront, and open spaces.

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Climate Ready Boston

We’re developing resilient solutions to prepare for climate change, including rising sea levels, extreme heat, and increased, intensified weather events.

Climate Ready Boston

Resilient Boston Harbor

We can protect our coastal community by creating resilient, accessible open spaces, and prepared buildings and infrastructure.

East Boston vision

Redesigned waterfront parks create flood protection and improve access and recreation. Restored marshes at Belle Isle prevent these natural resources from being lost. They also buffer our shoreline from waves and storm surge. New resilient developments add public access to open space and transit corridors include flood protection through elevation.

Downtown and North End vision

We have new designs for:
  • Christopher Columbus Park
  • Langone/ Puopolo Park, and
  • Sargent’s Wharf

These designs create vibrant and resilient waterfront parks that are gateways to Boston Harbor. They also connect to the Greenway and protect the neighborhood from flooding.

South Boston vision

We’re designing a resilient, protective Moakley Park and re-envisioned Fort Point Channel. These areas work together to block major flood pathways. 

Dorchester vision

We envision a resilient, accessible, and connected shoreline in Dorchester. We want to expand beaches and create better access to the waterfront.

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Resilient Boston Harbor
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