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Last updated: 12/18/18

Zero Waste Boston

Zero Waste Boston is an initiative to transform Boston into a zero waste city through planning, policy, and community engagement.

We will consider many actions and strategies about how the City moves to zero waste. Zero waste is a transition towards material use reduction, repair, and reuse. This initiative is part of the 2014 Climate Action Plan update.


The Climate Action Plan serves as Boston's roadmap for how we will reach our greenhouse gas reduction goals.

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About the initiative

Zero Waste Advisory Committee

Mayor Walsh has commissioned a technical study of Boston’s waste management. The study will produce recommendations for moving forward. The committee is jointly headed by the Chief of Streets and the Chief of Environment.

Committee members include:
  • the community
  • businesses
  • advocacy groups, and
  • industry.

Zero Waste Council Members

Carbon Free Boston

The process will contribute to Carbon Free Boston, an initiative to analyze our options to go carbon neutral by 2050. Both will inform our next Climate Action Plan.

Why zero waste?

This effort can promote better health for people and their neighborhoods. We’ll also generate innovation and job growth. We can create stronger, more connected communities across Boston.

News and updates

News and updates
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Jul 31

Mayor Walsh calls on renewable energy developers for multi-city, large-scale projects

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Jun 7

Mayor Walsh calls on cities to join large-scale renewable energy initiative

Mayor's Office
Mushroom packaging
Feb 23

Wrappers, boxes, and bags — Zero Waste packaging

Recycled metal
Jan 29

Zero Waste and the circular economy - it takes two