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Fire Department hourly detail rates

Last updated: 5/31/16

Fire Department hourly detail rates

A list of the hourly rates for Boston Fire Department details.  If you have more questions, please contact the Paid Detail Office directly at 617-343-2838.

DESCRIPTION hourly rate
Firefighter inside $38
Firefighter outside $39
Lieutenant inside $42
Lieutenant outside $43
Captain inside $44
Captain outside $45
District chief inside $47
District chief outside $48
Deputy chief inside $52
Deputy chief outside $53
Firefighter inside overtime $57
Firefighter outside overtime $58.50
Lieutenant inside overtime $63
Lieutenant outside overtime $64.50
Captain inside overtime $66
Captain outside overtime $67.50
District chief inside overtime $70.50
District chief outside overtime $72
Firefighter inside holiday $76
Firefighter outside holiday $78
Deputy chief inside overtime $78
Deputy chief outside overtime $79.50
Lieutenant inside holiday $84
Lieutenant outside holiday $86
Captain inside holiday $88
Captain outside holiday $90
District chief inside holiday $94
District chief outside holiday $96
Deputy chief inside holiday $104
Deputy chief outside holiday $106
Firefighter inside holiday overtime $114
Firefighter outside holiday overtime $117
Lieutenant inside holiday overtime $126
Lieutenant outside holiday overtime $129
Captain inside holiday overtime $132
Captain outside holiday overtime $135
District chief inside holiday overtime $141
District chief outside holiday overtime $144
Deputy chief inside holiday overtime $156
Deputy chief outside holiday overtime $159


Still have questions? Contact:
Fire Prevention
1010 Mass Avenue
4th Floor
Boston, MA 02118
United States