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Heat Emergency in Boston
Mayor Wu declared a heat emergency in the City through Thursday, June 20.
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Requirements for a Motor Vehicle Fire Report - DFS Form 33C

Only for car fires that occurred in Boston (for car fires outside of Boston contact that fire department)

All of the requirements listed below must be followed:

Step I - Required Documentation

Prior to requesting an appointment the owner of record must gather and have in their possession all of the required documentation listed below:

  1. Driver's License
  2. Vehicle Title or proof of payments for the past three (3) months
  3. Registration
  4. Coverage Selections Page of the insurance policy

If the vehicle was stolen and set on fire the following additional documentation is required:

  1. Boston Police Department Incident Report Form 1.1
  2. Stolen/Recovered Motor Vehicle/Boat Report: MVTR-C17-1OOM 5-97-GOO1347
Copies of Police Reports may be obtained at:
Boston Police Headquarters
One Schroeder Plaza
1199 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02120

For Additional Boston Police information call: 617-343-4200

Step II - Request an Appointment

In order to process a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Fire Services Burned/Recovered Motor Vehicle Report (Form FP33C) the owner of record of the motor vehicle must contact the BFD - Fire Investigation Unit via email at to request to schedule an appointment to come in person to the Fire Investigation Unit.

After receiving your email request for an appointment which must include:

  1. The date of the car fire
  2. The address of the car fire
  3. The name, address and phone number of the person requesting the appointment

a member of the Fire Investigation Unit will review the information provided, and email the date and time of your appointment.

Please note:  appointments are only scheduled Tuesday thru Friday from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm

The location of your appointment will be at:
Fire Investigation Unit
920 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

Please ring bell for admittance when you arrive

Step III - Your Appointment

  1. At the time of your appointment you must bring all of the required documentation listed above in Step I.
  2. You must bring the car keys for the vehicle.
  3. You will complete the Form 33C and the Form 330 in person at the time of the appointment.
  4. Upon review of the information provided by the owner of record, the Fire Investigation Unit may require additional information

If you should require additional information the Auto Unit can be contacted at 617-343-2215



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