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Ray Mejia

IT Technical Trainer

Ray Mejia is an IT Technical Trainer that works with our Training Team. He teaches City employees about the programs they use every day.

Ray and the Training Team conduct classes in applications used across the City. This includes programs like Excel, and Google’s suite of applications (like Gmail and Google Drive). The team also does program-specific training. If a department starts using a new tool, Ray and his team will learn the tool first, and then train the department’s employees.

Ray builds the training materials that help employees learn. The Training Team also stays busy, providing at least one training per week.

One of Ray’s biggest undertakings was the mass training of all City employees on Google applications. In 2013, the City began using Gmail. Ray and his team worked to get every employee comfortable with the switch.

Ray started working with our department in June 2009 as an intern. When his internship ended, he went on to work with our Service Desk. While working with the Service Desk, Ray set up the operating systems that ran City Hall to Go. Ray returned to the Training Team in 2013.

Before working for the City, Ray studied Computer Science at UMass Boston. He also spent time working on web maintenance for Procter & Gamble.

Ray grew up in Boston after moving here from the Dominican Republic at seven years old. He enjoys working for the City and giving back to his community.