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City Hall to Go

Through our food-truck inspired mobile truck as well as our mobile cart, we bring City Hall to convenient locations all across the City.

For most residents, traveling downtown to City Hall can be a long way to go. Boston is, after all, a city that stretches across nearly fifty square miles.

We want to make taking care of your City business as easy as possible. Since many people need a personal interaction, or have questions they need answered, we're taking City Hall to them.

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City Hall to Go
1 City Hall Square
5th Floor
Boston, MA 02201
United States
Location and hours vary.

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About the program

City Hall to Go Truck

Our bright and friendly mobile City Hall truck serves residents where they live, work, and play. City Hall To Go will visit Boston’s neighborhoods throughout the year. We offer a select menu of City services directly to constituents.


With Neighborhubs, we're spinning off the success of City Hall to Go’s Mobile Trucks. These hubs will exist in BCYF community centers. They offer the same services as the mobile truck, along with office hours with the Mayor's neighborhood liaisons.

Please keep in mind

The City Hall to Go Truck and the Neighborhubs DO NOT take cash payments. All requests for official documents will be processed promptly. We mail birth, marriage, and death certificates, as well as residency and parking permits.

City Hall to Go services

City Hall to Go services
  • Sign up for Snow Alerts
  • Sign up for Street Cleaning Alerts
  • Sign up for Alert Boston
  • Sign up for Ready Boston
  • Pay a Parking Ticket
  • File a Dispute of a Parking Ticket
  • Apply for a Residential Parking Permit
  • Renew a Residential Parking Permit
  • Request an Accessible Parking Space
  • Sign up for Street Cleaning Alerts
  • Sign up for Snow Alerts
  • Pay Excise Taxes
  • File Residential Exemption Forms
  • File Personal Exemptions
  • Claims
  • File for a Domestic Partnership
  • End a Domestic Partnership
  • Notary
  • Register to Vote
  • Apply for an Absentee Ballot
  • Get an E-library Card
  • Learn about Bilingual Days
  • New Bostonians Information Referral
  • Raffle Applications
  • Marijuana Citations
  • Physicians Registration
  • File a Business Registration
  • Get an e-Library Card
  • Request a Birth Certificate
  • Request a Death Certificate
  • Request a Marriage Certificate
  • Register to Vote
  • Pre-register for School
  • Athletic Facility Form
  • Join Golf Course
  • Pay for a permit/ lighting
  • Get a Dog License
  • Participate in Giveaways
  • Request a Birth Certificate
  • Request a Death Certificate
  • Request a Marriage Certificate
  • Published Schedule in Seniority Magazine
  • Home
  • Pay Property Taxes
  • Get Recycling Bin Stickers
  • Sign up for Renew Boston
  • Participate in feedback forum for recycling bids
  • Pay for citations
  • Request rental inspections
  • Process service requests
  • Special Events Application
  • First Night Buttons
  • Register for Summer Jobs
  • Youth Intake Form
  • Pre-register for School

Watch: Designing the truck