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Community Engagement Cabinet Announces The Mayor’s Youth Sports Grant

The Mayor's Youth Sports Grant aims to eliminate barriers of entry for Boston Public Schools (BPS) student athletes and provide fiscal support to non-profit organizations to enhance sports programming.

Today, the Community Engagement Cabinet announced the Mayor’s Youth Sports Grant which will distribute up to $80,000 to non-profit organizations aiming to eliminate barriers of entry for student athletes. The goal of the grant is to improve access to youth sports for Boston Public School (BPS) students and provide fiscal support to non-profit organizations to enhance sports programming. Grants will be awarded up to $5,000 per organization to purchase equipment for practice and games. The funding can also be used to provide fee waivers for athletic programming applications for BPS students. The funding for the Mayor’s Youth Sports Grant came from state funding earmarked for BPS students.

“Opening every opportunity for our young people and their communities means delivering not only in the classroom, but also out on the field,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “Every Boston student should have the chance to experience the joy and growth of youth sports, and our whole community will benefit from their development.”

The Mayor’s Youth Sports grant aims to erase barriers of entry that can have significant impacts in the lives of young athletes and communities who would benefit from increased participation in youth sports in Boston. This funding will help organizations purchase new equipment that will better serve youth, improve athletes’ skillset, and reduce risk of injury. 

“The Mayor’s Youth Sports grant is a significant investment into the lives of our young athletes and the organizations who serve them,” said Community Engagement Cabinet Chief Brianna Millor. “The Community Engagement Cabinet hopes that this effort will open more opportunities for young people in our city and support families who want their children to be engaged in best quality sports programming.” 

Historically, local youth sports teams are led by families and volunteers who independently fundraise to ensure operations can be run effectively. This often requires organizations to   charge dues or application fees. This grant will help lessen the burden of purchasing sports equipment and will also increase access to sports programming to students in need through allowing organizations to waive application fees for BPS students. 

"As a State Representative, but more importantly, a youth sports coach in Hyde Park, I know first hand how important sports programming is for the children and young adults of our neighborhoods," said State Representative Rob Consalvo. "I can't thank Mayor Wu enough for announcing this incredibly important grant that will increase opportunity for access to youth sports while at the same time strengthening youth sports programs all across the City of Boston.” 

The grant announcement builds on ongoing efforts to increase youth sports participation in Boston. The City recently hired Youth Sports Initiative Manager Tyrik Wilson to help make athletic opportunities more easily accessible for all Boston’s families.

“Involvement in youth sports lays the foundation for youth leaders in our community. Growing up my involvement in youth sports helped me establish vital life skills, created lifelong connections, and provided a safe space for me to step outside of my comfort zone. It helped me develop into the person that I am today," said Youth Sports Initiative Manager Tyrik Wilson. “I think it is crucial for the City to invest in youth sports programming to help transform the lives of our young people."

The deadline to apply for the Mayor’s Youth Sports grant is Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET.  The application can be found here, and organizations can visit to learn more.  


The Community Engagement Cabinet leads the City of Boston’s work towards eliminating silos between Boston residents and City Hall. The cabinet aims to better connect neighborhood services, strengthen community engagement and engage constituents in policy making to improve how Boston includes community voices in its work. The cabinet is made up of the Office of Neighborhood Services, the Office of Civic Organizing, SPARK Boston, and Boston 311. The Community Engagement Cabinet is creating a new model for prioritizing constituents and neighborhood services in government affairs.

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