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Boston Builders licenses

The City of Boston Board of Examiners issues builders licenses.

The license allows a person to perform certain types of construction work in the City. In most cases, it's illegal to perform certain types of construction work without a license.

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Inspectional Services
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Builders license application

Background experience

To take a test for any construction supervisor’s builders license, you must have three years of current experience in the field of the license you want to get. You also need to get your application notarized.

reference letters
  • You must give us three reference letters with your application. The references need to come from registered and licensed builders, architects, or engineers.
  • The letters must be on company letterhead and state why the company recommends you for the license. The person signing the reference letter needs to include their license or registration number.
Completing the application

To submit your application to the Board of Examiners, you must give them:

  • a completed and notarized application
  • three reference letters, and
  • a completed affidavit.

After you give your application packet to the board, they will schedule an exam date and notify you by mail. The exam fee is $25 and the license fee is $30. The license is good for one year from the date when it's issued. You must renew your license every year.