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Heat Emergency in Boston
Mayor Wu declared a heat emergency in the City through Thursday, June 20.

How to get a demolition permit

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Need a permit for demolition work in the city?

You can apply for and obtain your permit online



Before you get started

The following items must be submitted when applying for a demolition permit:

  • You must obtain an Article 85 Demolition Delay approval from the Boston Landmarks Commission.  You can call 617-635-1935 or  This procedure is required to ensure you are not demolishing a historic building.
  • Shut off notices from all underground and overhead utilities, such as: gas, electrical, telephone and cable companies.
  • Dig Safe reference number is required 1-888-dig-safe.
  • A letter or bill from a pest control contractor stating the pest management will be performed before and after the demolition project begins.
  • A licensed builder is required with supporting documents, such as: the Workers’ Compensation Form, Mattocks Higgins Affidavit, contract between parties, liability insurance, copy of your builder’s license front and back side.
  • Obtain a permit from Boston Fire Prevention pertaining to the demolition you can contact them at 617-343-2188 or prevention.
  • Once the application and documents have been completed you will also need a review from our Environmental Services Division on the 4th floor here at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, or

File a short-form application online

You can get a demolition permit by filing a short-form application.

Begin the application process online 

Choose removal of structure as the work type

Next upload all relevant documents listed on the checklist

If you are the property owner (one - two family only) and will be doing the work yourself, you need to fill out a homeowner waiver.


Upload Your Documents

Once everything is uploaded email for review and follow up if needed.  

Be sure to sign an agreement that you will follow state building codes and Boston’s zoning laws.  



If Approved

Once approved you will receive an email requesting payment.  Upon receipt of payment you can print the permit and begin work.


Building Division, Counter 1
1010 Massachusetts Ave, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02118
Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
If you’re still stuck, we can help you figure out everything you need for your project when you visit our office.
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