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Marc Joseph Deputy Building Commissioner

Deputy Building Commissioner

Marc Joseph began his career 20 years ago as a Building Inspector and was later promoted to a Plans Examiner for ISD, where he was responsible for performing plan reviews for new construction, repairs and maintenance projects within the City of Boston. Joseph holds a Master’s Degree in City Planning, a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, and a diploma in drafting architecture tech, as well as several other certifications. Joseph was born and raised in Haiti and is trilingual in Haitian Creole, French and English. 

As the Deputy Building Commissioner Joseph oversees all building permit and inspection activities, zoning reviews and the Zoning Board of Appeal hearings and decisions as well as the Board of Examiners licenses. This division employs 22 building inspectors, ten electrical inspectors and eight plumbing inspectors, all of which are responsible for inspecting construction or renovation work to ensure that proper safety standards are followed.  


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