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Our role in the foreclosure process

You must register your property with Inspectional Services if it is vacant or going into foreclosure. Find out why.

The increase of foreclosed homes in Boston has led to a large number of vacant properties. Many of these properties violate health and safety codes.

In 2008, the City created an ordinance to try to hold property owners accountable. We use the information to find property owners who have abandoned their property.

Registration rules

All Boston homeowners got a notice about the regulation, regardless of the status of their property. You must register your property with the City if it is vacant or going into foreclosure. We created an online system to help you register your property.

Register your property online

You do not need to register your property if it is vacant because you are trying to rent it. There is a $100 fee to register. The money from these fees gives City officials the funding they need to find people responsible for these foreclosed properties.

Please note: The notice we send you is NOT a foreclosure notice. It just means you have to register your property ONLY IF it is foreclosed or vacant. We apologize for any misunderstanding.

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