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Submitting building plans online

We now accept electronic building plans for long form permit applications. Please follow the guidelines below to submit electronic plans. We reserve the right to reject plans that do not follow these guidelines.

If you expect that your permit application will be sent to the Zoning Board of Appeals, please submit your plans by paper. The ZBA is not yet equipped to review electronic plan submissions and requires paper versions.

Submit building planssupporting documents, and approval from outside City Agencies as a single merged PDF file and submit via the "ePlans" attachment field. 

Submit building plans as a direct CAD (.dwg) to PDF (.pdf) conversion:

  • In CAD, select File > Print > Plot
  • Under plotter name, select DWG to PDF .pc3
  • Select a paper size that is big enough to fit your drawing
  • Set your scale in the print dialog box to match that of your drawing
  • Select "center the plot"

Plans must be stamped and signed by a registered design professional on every sheet. If you stamp your plans electronically, be sure not to lock the document upon signing as our plans examiners will not be able to complete your review if the document is locked. 

Plans must be legible and have an accurate scale on every sheet.

File size cannot be larger than 21MB.

Adhere to the American Institute of Architect's page naming convention. 

If a plans examiner requests more information on your project, please submit only the revised drawings or a complete set with revision cloud.

If you choose to submit your plans online, please submit all future materials for that application online. 

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