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Last updated: 9/21/17

Resources for funding

We put together a list of resources below for nonprofits and other groups.

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More resources

More resources
Annual budget size Median largest award
Under $100,000 $5,000
$100,000 - $999,000 $25,000
$1 million - $9,999,999 $100,000
$10 million - $24,999,999 $150,000
$25 million and over $426,000
Funding sources Median largest award
Private foundation grants $30,000
Community foundation grants $25,000
Corporate grants $20,000
Federal government grants $250,000
State government grants $109,625
Local government grants $50,000
Other grants sources $20,000
Mission focus Median largest award
Animal related $10,000
Arts, culture, and humanities $25,000
Community improvement $69,339
Education $50,000
Educational institutions $175,000
Environment $65,000
Food, agriculture, and nutrition $45,000
Healthcare $50,500
Housing and shelter $65,000
Human services $50,000
Public benefit $25,000
Youth development $45,000
Other $50,000
Foundation Reporting Study

Social Solutions asked funders what they consider when giving out grants and assessing data. The study describes:

  • what foundations are looking for when making funding decisions
  • how your nonprofit data can aid your organization during the appeal process, and
  • expectations for reporting requirements in the next five years.
Storytelling for Nonprofits

Learn how to build a great story and use powerful visuals and emotion to motivate your audience to donate.

GrantStation free reports

Stay on top of trends and learn about what data to use to be more strategic in grantseeking.

KIND Foundation

Every month, the KIND Foundation picks individuals and groups working to make the world a little kinder with $10,000. Vote for the causes you find most inspiring, or submit your own idea today!

Awesome Foundation

Have a crazy, brilliant idea that needs funding? The Awesome Foundation awards $1,000 grants every month.