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  • HomeStart, Inc.
    105 Chauncy St. Suite 502
    Boston, MA 02111
  • Boston's Way Home

    Gabrielle is a "hero" in our Boston's Way Home initiative. The action plan aims to end veteran and chronic homelessness in Boston.

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Gabrielle Vacheresse

Housing Search Program Manager
What do you find satisfying about this kind of work?

There are two things I find satisfying in this field of work:

  1. Witnessing the joy and relief that folks feel when they are given the opportunity to have their own key, to cook their own meal, and to live their lives in a safe and permanent housing situation.
  2. Working with other advocates whose hearts are truly in this work. It's not about money or recognition, but for all of us it's about helping to change the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Tell us a story about something you're proud of?

Having been homeless with my family years ago I can relate to some, but not all, of the fears people face when they find themselves without a place to call home. Of course I feel empowered by each person I see and help each day move closer to their goal of finding housing, but for myself I am proud that I acknowledged the value of my personal experience and took it to a professional arena. I am committed to this work now, learning from my failures and building off my accomplishments.
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