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SPARK Boston Council

The council works to give 20- to 35-year-olds a greater role in planning for the City’s future.

We select a new council each year through an open application process. We're currently seeking new members for a January - December 2021 term. The deadline to apply is Friday, October 30.

Spark Boston Council application

To be eligible, you must live in Boston and be between the ages of 20-35. You can learn more about the roles and responsibilities of council members at the bottom of this page. ​

Have questions? Contact:

Have an application question?

We might already have the answer. Check out our Spark Boston Council frequently asked questions.

What the council does


The SPARK Boston Council advises the Mayor on City policies and programs affecting 20- to 35-year-olds. Leadership staff from the Mayor’s team come to monthly meetings to:

  • present upcoming plans and proposals
  • ask questions, and
  • get feedback from the group.

Council members help create and develop ideas to get 20- to 35-year-olds more involved with the City.


Council members serve as the Mayor’s ambassadors to Boston’s 20- to 35-year-olds. We want our members to use their personal networks to get more young adults involved in the conversation.

Collaborators and innovators

Council members work in groups to develop and put in place programs that connect 20- to 35-year-olds to the City. Our goal is to highlight opportunities where 20- to 35-year-olds can engage with government and influence policy.


Mayor Walsh appoints members of the council. They serve under the SPARK Boston Director. We have certain expectations for members, including:

  • attending all monthly SPARK Boston Council meetings
  • attending at least one SPARK Boston event or social activity per month
  • actively taking part in group discussions (listen, ask questions, share experiences, give feedback)
  • using digital tools and people power to spread information and create awareness, and
  • helping to lead, manage, and take part in group projects.

If you fail to meet any of these standards, you may be disciplined or dismissed from the council.

In Boston, we have the highest proportion of young adults of any major U.S city. The SPARK Council selection process serves as a reminder that this demographic comprises some of the City's most civic minded citizens. This team of innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders in both the private and public sectors will come together to lead their peers in becoming civically engaged residents and neighbors.

Mayor Walsh

Council members

Council members
  • Audrey Seraphin, Allston
  • Juan Cantu, Allston
  • Cristian Morales, Allston
  • Carrolee Moore, Allston
  • Oscar Lopez, Allston
  • Claire Coletti, Back Bay
  • Frank Ulip, Beacon Hill
  • Kat Waxstein, Brighton
  • Lexi Kantor, Brighton 
  • Intiya Isaza, Charlestown
  • Chris Canton, Charlestown
  • Anita Yip, Chinatown
  • Latia Holmes, Chinatown
  • Kaitlin McCarthy, Chinatown
  • Ayanna Polk, Dorchester
  • Ellie Sanchez, Dorchester
  • Stacy Cruz, Dorchester
  • Kathleen Carroll, Dorchester
  • Gabriela (Gigi) Coletta, East Boston 
  • Fernando Ortiz, East Boston
  • Jared Staley, East Boston
  • Shannon Montanez, East Boston
  • Aaron Dy, Fenway-Kenmore
  • Sarah Abkowitz, Fenway-Kenmore
  • Monee Vance, Hyde Park
  • Delanoe Johnson, Jamaica Plain
  • Evelyn "Ellie" Hitt, Jamaica Plain
  • Daphney Pacouloute, Mattapan 
  • Julia Gueron, Mission Hill
  • Meredith Moshier, North End
  • Nicole Shults, Roslindale
  • KT Merseles, Roslindale
  • Jhanel Chew, Roxbury
  • Mark Martinez, Roxbury
  • Kiara Kerr, Roxbury
  • Ashli Molina, South Boston
  • Nayeli Rodriguez, South End
  • Mike McDermott, South End
  • Alen Amini, West End
  • Matt Murphy, West Roxbury
  • Bhakti Varma, Allston
  • Jordan Thornlow, Allston
  • Tanya Pham, Back Bay
  • Marguerite Silverman, Back Bay
  • Adrienne Zak, Beacon Hill
  • Justin Flynn, Brighton
  • Aidan McDonough, Brighton
  • Tess Atkinson, Dorchester
  • Crystal Chandler, Dorchester
  • Miles Halpine, Dorchester
  • Peter McCawley, Dorchester
  • Meghan Harrell, Dorchester
  • Jazmyne Jackson, Dorchester
  • Josh Waxman, East Boston
  • Kim Mendoza Iraheta, East Boston
  • Corinne Wardian, Fenway-Kenmore
  • Mika Gross, Fenway-Kenmore
  • Nolan Tesis, Hyde Park
  • Alisa Pimentel, Hyde Park
  • Helena Berbano, Jamaica Plain
  • Sebastian Zapata, Jamaica Plain
  • Taylor Cain, Jamaica Plain
  • Jennie Rose Halperin, Jamaica Plain
  • Samantha Montano, Jamaica Plain
  • Helen Mayer, Mattapan
  • Christina Paris, Mattapan
  • Dani Niro, North End
  • Jonathan Bekele, Roslindale
  • Gloribel Rivas, Roslindale
  • Sasha Goodfriend, Roxbury
  • Karleen Porcena, Roxbury
  • Portsha Franklin-Gordon, Roxbury
  • Analiese Barnes-Classen, Roxbury
  • Lindsey Butler, South Boston
  • Casey Baines, South End
  • Maggie Riddell, South End
  • Michelle Sohn, South End
  • Greg Bohenko,  West End
  • Kathryn Niforos, West Roxbury
  • Meredith McCarthy, West Roxbury
  • Alexis Walls, Allston
  • Jackie Lender, Allston
  • Neel Desai, Back Bay
  • Mikaila Waters, Back Bay
  • Michael Winston, Bay Village
  • Paige Friedlander, Beacon Hill
  • Catalina Ocampo, Brighton
  • Patricia Cahill, Brighton
  • Emily Murphy, Charlestown
  • Jenna DeAngelo, Chinatown
  • Agostinha Depina, Dorchester
  • Gabrielle Sims, Dorchester
  • Christopher Walker, Dorchester
  • Yusuf Ali, Dorchester
  • Francis Huynh, Dorchester
  • Kevin Walther, Downtown Crossing
  • Devon Williams, East Boston
  • Daniel Shea, East Boston
  • Siddhi Doshi, Fenway
  • Darcel Hunt-Finegold, Hyde Park
  • Rosa Herrero de Andres, Jamaica Plain
  • Carmel Levy, Jamaica Plain
  • Paul Gels, Jamaica Plain
  • Fernando Rodriguez, Jamaica Plain
  • Shanice Wallace, Mattapan
  • David Wu, Mission Hill
  • Helen Sharma, Mission Hill
  • Rourke Harrington, North End
  • Maggie Walsh, North End
  • Andrea Clavijo, North End
  • Ying Wang, Roslindale
  • Keveisha Robinson- Clark, Roxbury
  • Matt Parker, Roxbury
  • Michael Yu, South Boston
  • Shane Dunn, South Boston
  • Alexandria de Aranzeta, South End
  • Constance Fontanet, South End
  • Michaela Hughes, West Roxbury
  • Durante Barringer, Jamaica Plain
  • Katie Belgard, Dorchester
  • Kenzie Bok, Bay Village
  • Andrew Breiter-Wu, Roxbury
  • LaRay Brison, Dorchester
  • Ben Bungert, Mission Hill
  • Joshua Carr, Dorchester
  • Benjamin Cole, South Boston
  • Lauren Doty, Jamaica Plain
  • Modjossorica Elysee, Hyde Park
  • Tamika Francis, Roslindale
  • Robyn Gibson, Mattapan
  • Rosy Gonzalez, Beacon Hill
  • Art Gordon, Roxbury
  • Michael Harris, Brighton
  • Kyndal Henicke, East Boston
  • Gary Howell-Walton, Allston
  • Alexander Le, Back Bay
  • Conor LeBlanc, South Boston
  • Tariana V. Little, Dorchester
  • Oliver Madden, North End
  • Wes McEnany, Dorchester
  • Tina Natale, North End
  • Fhiwa Ndou, Brighton
  • Abigail Ogilvy, Charlestown
  • Temi Ogunbodede, Hyde Park
  • Rebecca Phu, West Roxbury
  • Michael Rodriguez, Hyde Park
  • Edith Shi, Allston
  • Jonathan Spillane, West Roxbury
  • Judith Ternes, South End
  • Darneesh Thornton-Johnson, Fenway
  • Nicholas Vance, Dorchester
  • Justin Yiu, South Boston
  • Jaclyn Youngblood, Jamaica Plain
  • Kevin Becerra, Dorchester
  • Leland Berman, Beacon Hill
  • Emma Blaxter, Jamaica Plain
  • Nicola Braginsky, Fenway/Kenmore
  • Diana Brennan, Beacon Hill
  • Alessandra Brown, Hyde Park
  • David Brown, West Roxbury
  • Jessica DesCarles, Dorchester
  • Andrew Destefano, East Boston
  • Max Egan, Back Bay
  • Jessica Frattaroli, North End
  • Dave Falvey, South Boston
  • Christine Galatis, Roslindale
  • Cristina Garmendia, Allston
  • Reynolds Graves, Roxbury
  • Karleen Herbst, South Boston
  • Liam Hoare, East Boston
  • Chu Huang, South End
  • John Hynes, Fort Point
  • Jasmin Johansen, Mattapan
  • Senam Kumahia, Back Bay
  • Michael Landry, South End
  • Kevin Liang, West End
  • Marlena Love, South End
  • Cara Matthews, Roxbury
  • Benji Moll, Back Bay
  • Tyler Murphy, Downtown
  • Ruth Nkemontoh, Brighton
  • Anthony Richards, Dorchester
  • Nicole Rodriguez, Roslindale
  • Christopher Rusk, West Roxbury
  • Ken Ryan, South Boston
  • Rachel Spekman, Dorchester
  • Ryan Walsh, South Boston
  • Donald Washington, Hyde Park
  • Adam Weisman, Back Bay
  • Matthew Wells, South Boston
  • Laura Alvarado, South Boston
  • Jonathan Berk, Fenway/Kenmore
  • Cole Boskey, South End
  • Ross Chanowski, Fort Point
  • Brendan Ciecko, South End
  • Chrislene DeJean, Mattapan
  • Jill Epstein, Mission Hill
  • Lee Glandorf, West Roxbury
  • Jessica Hamilton, Jamaica Plain
  • Terron Hill, South End
  • Teisha-Vonique Hood, Back Bay
  • Michael Keimig, North End
  • Jennifer Kent, Back Bay
  • David Lank, Fenway Kenmore
  • George Lewis, Back Bay
  • Kimberly Lyle, Roslindale
  • John Mahony, Brighton
  • Erin McEvoy, South End
  • Michael McEvoy, Jamaica Plain
  • Marty Nee, Charlestown
  • Gary Pelissier, Beacon Hill
  • Hunter Perry, North End
  • Sabrina Sandberg, Beacon Hill
  • Daniel Scarver, East Boston
  • Kelly Scott, Brighton
  • Michael Sulprizio, East Boston
  • Anthony Toppi, Brighton
  • Judy Wang, Back Bay
  • Chenglin Yuan, Beacon Hill
  • Nakeisha Jones, Dorchester
  • Erica Thomson-Moseley, Roxbury