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Nayeli Rodriguez

Technologist for the Public Realm

Nayeli enjoys thinking about the city of the future. She is interested in how changes in technology and the environment will affect how we design and use public space. An urban planner with a background in creative technology and journalism, she draws on interdisciplinary experience to navigate current generational challenges such as digital equity, automation, climate change, data privacy, resilience, and environmental justice. Nayeli’s work for the City of Boston aims to meaningfully and equitably integrate technology into Boston’s parks, streets, waterfronts, sidewalks, and other shared places. She values the power of technology to uplift and serve communities and people⁠ — not vice versa.

Nayeli previously worked as an urban planner at Sasaki, and managed creative projects for Google. She earned her Master’s in City Planning, City Design, and Development from MIT. She is currently a resident of the South End and represents her neighborhood as a member of the SPARK council.

A native of Texas and a member of the Lipan Apache Tribe, Nayeli’s first love is the perfect taco.

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