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Smart City Playbook

We drafted a living "playbook" to align with tech, academia, and the media on what makes a city smart. 

So far, many of our “Smart City” pilot projects have ended with a glossy presentation, and a collective shrug. Nobody’s really known what to do next, or how the technology and data might lead to new or improved services.

We want to change that. We address this playbook to the technology companies, scientists, researchers, journalists, and activists that make up the “Smart City” community. In return for heeding this advice, we commit that the City of Boston will not complain about the lack of solutions to our problems. We promise to get out into the City. We want to find ways to help you pilot new ideas, and be honest with our feedback.

Our goal is to create a City-wide strategy for the use of sensor technologies. It should be people-centered, problem-driven, and responsible.

We need your help to get there. Read the playbook and submit your contributions. 

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