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Accessible parking options

You can get disability plates and placards through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

For Accessible plates

You must be a Massachusetts resident and the primary owner of a registered car.

For accessible placards

If you are an eligible Massachusetts resident, you can get an accessible placard on a temporary or permanent basis. You can only have one valid placard at a time.

You can learn more about disabled parking from the registry, as well as download forms and applications for accessible parking.

Boston residents can also find out more information by visiting the City Hall to Go Truck. Find out when the truck will be in your neighborhood.

Accessible parking space program

You might be eligible to apply for a handicapped parking spot on your street. There are limits to who can get a spot, and who can use it. Learn how to apply for an accessible parking spot.

NoticEd any parking spot abuse?

If you have seen anyone you suspect of misusing an accessible plate or placard, you can report them to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

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