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Improvements to Medal of Honor Park

Last updated: 6/1/17

Improvements to Medal of Honor Park

M Street Park | Independence Square

| Park Established 1897 |

A photo of Medal of Honor Park in South Boston

Medal of Honor Park is a well loved historic park in the City Point neighborhood of South Boston.

In 1897, the park historically known as Independence Square was set aside by the City of Boston for public open space. In 1981, the first memorial honoring Vietnam Veterans in the nation was constructed at Medal of Honor Park. Each September a ceremony to rededicate the memorial is held.

Park renovation includes improvements to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial plaza, ornamental fencing along East Broadway inspired by Victorian era fence removed in 1899, new play equipment, water play, site furnishings, lawn improvements, pathway and infrastructure upgrades.

Project location:
Medal of Honor Park
East Broadway
South Boston
Project contact:
Project information:
  • Project status: Construction
  • Construction budget: $1,335,500
  • Project features: Memorial, passive use, playground, water play
  • Consultant: Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture, Inc.
  • Contractor: Haven Contracting
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Upcoming events

Upcoming events

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