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Boston City Hall security

To ensure that City Hall is kept safe, all visitors must pass through metal detectors. We also x-ray personal items.

You'll need to place bags, keys, cell phones, and other items through the x-ray machine.

Visitor entry infographic

Still have questions? Contact:
Property Management
1 City Hall Square
Room 811
Boston, MA 02201-2036

If you see a problem with one of our properties, please call us at 617-635-3500.

Weapons policy

You can't carry weapons

Visitors can't bring weapons that inflict bodily harm or injury to others into City Hall. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • firearms and explosives
  • knives, machetes, and box cutters
  • metallic knuckles or similar
  • nunchaku or similar
  • mace and tasers
  • collapsible batons, and
  • plastic, replica, or simulated weapons.
Please note:

Law enforcement and plain clothes officers can carry firearms into City Hall. But, they need to present proper police identification.

You can't carry certain knives and weapons under Massachusetts state law and City ordinance. If you carry them, you may be subject to arrest.

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