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Approved asphalt vendor list

You can find a list of vendors below that have been approved, as of August 1, 2019, to sell asphalt within the City of Boston.

Listed below are asphalt vendors that have been approved to sell their asphalt for:

  1. repairing utility excavations
  2. asphalt sidewalks, and
  3. resurfacing streets in the City of Boston.

This list is subject to change if a particular vendor fails future testing. Vendors are required to be re-approved annually. Any vendor not on this list that would like to sell or provide their asphalt must pass the City's Quality Control Testing. 

Asphalt mix-design specifications can vary based on intended use. Please email to connect with our current City testing consultant for more information on required specifications, or to schedule an inspection.

Vendor name Address Material type Dispatch number
Aggregate Industries 1831 Broadway, Saugus, MA Asphalt 781-231-3400
Benevento Companies 900 Salem Street, Wilmington, MA Asphalt 978-658-5300
LoRusso Corp 635 Pleasant Street, Norwood, MA Asphalt 866-695-3252
Rochester Bituminous 83 Kings Highway, West Wareham, MA Asphalt 508-714-7683
M. Susi HMA 1586 Hyde Park Ave., Hyde Park, MA Asphalt 617-361-3333
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