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Boston's Zero Waste Directory

Find locations near you where you can donate or recycle items that can’t go in your home recycling bin or are too good to trash. 

Boston’s Zero Waste Directory provides different resources where you can recycle, donate, resell, repair, and properly dispose of items in your home. Browse the directory and find an option that works for you!

  • 617-635-4500

Electronics, Batteries, Lightbulbs, Plastic Bags, and more!

There are many health and environmental hazards associated with different chemicals, materials, and products commonly found in the home. The City of Boston hosts several Zero Waste Days where you can bring these items for safe and proper disposal. In addition to these events, there are many options throughout the City where you can properly dispose of these items on your own time.  Find a retailer near you that accepts items you are looking to properly dispose of!

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List of Locations (PDF)

How to get rid of Paint or motor oil

Did you know that Latex (water based) paint can be dried out and thrown away with your regular trash? Oil based paint must be brought to a Zero Waste Day for proper disposal.

  1. Combine paint with cat litter, paint hardeners, or shredded newspaper.
    • Mix an equal amount of cat litter into the latex paint in the can. There are also commercial paint hardeners that you can purchase if you prefer not to use cat litter. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Shredded newspaper can also be used to aid in clumping up leftover paint so that it dries faster. 
  2. Allow the mixture to set.
    • Stir the mixture until it thickens and won’t spill. Allow the mixture to sit for one hour.
  3. Throw it in the garbage.
    • Once the paint is completely dry, it can go into the garbage. Be sure to remove the lid from the can so collectors can see that it is dry.
  • Consider donating your leftover paint to someone who can use it.
  • Be sure to store your paint properly to increase the chance of being able to reuse that paint.
    • Always store paint in a cool, dry location away from sunlight and extreme temperatures. Wipe away any excess paint on the outside of the can. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the opening and firmly seal it with taps from a rubber mallet. Store the can upside down to prevent air from entering the container.
how to dispose of motor oil:

If you cannot make it to a Zero Waste Day, there are several options available for the responsible disposal of motor oil:

  • Return used oil for recycling to the store where you purchased it. Retailers are required to accept used oil for recycling (up to two gallons per person per day) if you have the purchase receipt.
  • Some service stations and repair shops burn oil to heat their garage and will take back used oil from residents.
  • Certain quick oil change chain locations accept used oil. Check the Yellow Pages online for a location near you.
  • Call the MassDEP Used Oil Hotline at 617-556-1022. Also use this number to report retailers who are unwilling to accept used oil from customers who have receipts.

Boston's Circular Economy Directory

Boston’s Circular Economy Directory provides locations in the City where you can donate, resell, rent, and repair items in your home. This keeps materials and products in circulation for as long as possible!

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Add a Location!

Know of a location where you can recycle, reuse, repair, or donate items? Fill out the form and we will add them as soon as possible!

  • 617-635-4500

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