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Commercial Hauler permits

Commercial hauling companies are required to have a permit with the City to transport debris through our streets.

To apply for a permit, please follow the link below. The hauler permit cost is $300 per truck and permits will end December 31, 2024.

Commercial Hauler permit application

About the application

How it works

All commercial hauling vehicles in the City need to be permitted. This application process authorizes commercial hauling vehicles to work in the City. This permit applies to trucks that carry the following debris through City streets:

  • trash, recycling, and compost
  • waste oils and grease
  • construction and demolition materials
  • hazardous waste, and
  • medical waste.

Approved companies will be added to the City of Boston website as "officially authorized haulers" for each category of debris selected on application.

Application reviews

The Hauler Permit Application is reviewed and approved by the Waste Reduction Division of Public Works. The Code Enforcement Division enforces the permit.

Please note:
  • Collecting material without a permit in the City is subject to a fine.
  • All vehicles must be approved by a Public Works official. We also need complete payments before we give your permit final approval.
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