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Community Garden Compost Requests

The City of Boston’s Public Works Department provides compost to community gardens at no cost. 

The leaf and yard waste collected in Boston is turned into nutrient-rich compost. Community gardens are able to request compost at no cost. If your community garden would like compost, please fill out the form here. Gardeners can pick this compost up themselves or have it delivered, depending on availability of delivery trucks.


  • Have questions? Contact 311:

  • 1 city hall square, room 714

    Boston, MA 02201

About the Program

Compost is a key part of the City's goal of achieving zero waste. Our compost is made from leaf and yard waste collected locally from Boston residents.

Benefits of compost

By using compost instead of commercially purchased fertilizer, you are:

  • helping to recycle organic matter
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • helping Boston reach its climate and sustainability goals. 

Please fill out the form here in order to request compost for your community garden. Gardeners will have the option of picking up compost themselves or having it delivered. If you would like the compost to be delivered, please make sure to be as detailed as possible with form responses. 

You or another member of your organization MUST make sure that drivers have access to your gardens (gates are unlocked, no cars blocking the driveway, etc.). Please keep in mind that we will do our best to deliver to your garden, however we cannot guarantee a delivery if the delivery truck is unable to fit within the garden entrance or safely deliver on the property.

If you have any questions or would like help filling out the form, please call 3-1-1.

  • Have questions? Contact 311:

  • 1 city hall square, room 714

    Boston, MA 02201
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