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How to appeal a code violation

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Did you get a trash or snow and ice code violation from the City? You have the option to make an appeal online or request an in-person hearing.


Get your information together

Please note:

This appeal process is for code violations, not parking violations. Visit the City's how to appeal a parking ticket page for more information on parking violation appeals.

If you plan to appeal a code violation, DO NOT pay the fine. If you do, you won't be able to appeal the ticket.

After you get a ticket, you have three weeks to make an appeal online or request a hearing with the City. You will need to give us your ticket number and the address where the violation took place.

Making an appeal online? You can attach documents, witness statements, and photos that back your appeal.


Make an appeal or request a hearing online

Through our online application, you can make your appeal or request an in-person hearing:

Ticket appeal application


Wait for the City's response

If you make an appeal online

The hearing officer will review your case. The officer will mail you a written response about why the violation was either dismissed or upheld.

If you make a request for a hearing

After we get your request, we'll send you a letter with the date, time, and location of your hearing.

You have three weeks to pay the balance of the fine if your violation is upheld. Still have questions? Call the Code Enforcement Division at 617-635-4885.

Late fees

Unless you have submitted a written appeal or requested a hearing, you have three weeks to pay the original Code Enforcement fine without a late fee being assessed.  After three weeks, we assess a $10 late fee.

After 30 days, we will send you a “Final Notice Before Inclusion in the Real Estate Tax Bill” that comes with a $10 penalty fee. If you don’t pay your fine and fees after the second notice, we can add the charges to your property tax bill.

  • Need to Know:

    If the fine is upheld after your appeal and you still disagree with the decision, you have 10 days to appeal to the Boston Housing Court at:

    Edward E. Brooke Courthouse

    24 New Chardon Street, 3rd Floor

    Boston, MA 02114

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