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How we protect and fix Boston's streets

Public Works handles many tasks that keep our streets clean and safe to use.

We fill potholes

Potholes happen when water gets under the pavement, eventually causing the pavement to sink and break down. It usually takes two business days to fill a pothole, but it could take longer if it is hard to reach the pothole. Making repairs in the winter can be difficult and expensive, so we only make temporary fixes in the winter. In the Spring, we make permanent fixes.

We Build pedestrian access ramps

When a street is resurfaced or reconstructed, we guide the installation of ramps that meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards. To replace a ramp, you need to dig out where the old ramp was and level the area. The ramp is made by using boards and concrete, and the concrete is brushed to create a nonstick surface.

we Repair sidewalks

We fix damaged sidewalks by first digging up and leveling the area. We use boards and concrete to create the sidewalk, and brush the concrete to create a nonstick surface.

we Resurface asphalt on City roads

Every year, we help manage the resurfacing of over 200 streets in the City. The process involves building or upgrading sidewalks and pedestrian access ramps, milling and paving the street, and re-painting lines in the road. A typical street resurfacing usually takes about two weeks to complete. You can view a list of City streets that will be resurfaced.

we inspect and reconstruct roadways

We visually inspect the condition of streets and sidewalks in the City every three years. We grade on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being the worst and 100 the best. Using these grades, we figure out what streets and sidewalks need work. If we notice major damage on a roadway, we’ll do the work needed to make repairs. We expect reconstructed roadways to last at least 20 years before more work is needed.

We help coordinate projects in Boston

We issue nearly 8,000 construction permits each year and supervise all projects that utility companies, private contractors, and other agencies perform on the road. With our City of Boston Utility Coordination Software, we can keep track of all the projects in the City. We also use the software to let utility companies, private contractors, and other agencies know what streets can be worked on.

Approved Concrete Suppliers and Mobile Mixers

  • Aggregate Industries, all locations
  • Benevento, 900 Salem St, Wilmington, MA
  • Boston Sand & Gravel Co, all locations
  • A Graziano Inc / Braintree, 71 Adams Street Braintree, MA
  • A Graziano Inc / Bridgewater, 65 1st Street Bridgewater, MA
  • PA Landers, Inc, 351 Winter Street Hanover, MA
  • Rosenfeld Concrete, all locations
  • Southeastern Concrete Inc, 611 Pleasant Street East Weymouth, MA
  • Tresca Brothers Concrete, Sand, & Gravel, 66 Main Street Millis, MA
  • inTerra Innovation, Inc., 75 Concord St North Reading, MA
  • Mirra Co Inc., 6 Norino Way, Georgetown, MA
  • Mix-Rite Metered Concrete, 228 Dedham St, Norfolk, MA
  • Riley Brothers Inc, 84 Tosca Drive, Stoughton, MA
  • Woburn Redi Mix Concrete LLC, 237 Salem St, Woburn, MA
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